Underground Storage Tanks



EIS manages underground storage tank (UST) programs from initial tank location research, tank integrity assessment, tank removal and closure, soil and groundwater sampling and remediation, and monitoring well installations in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.


We are especially responsive to clients' operational needs, and keep the impacts of the tank removal and sampling projects to a minimum. EIS uses only licensed and experienced (over 20 years) tank removal contractors who employ best practices to tank removal/closure and overexcavation of contaminated soil projects to keep impacts to the site and businesses at a minimum.


This past year EIS has managed nine sites with either UST removal or closure and/or hydraulic hoist/sump removals. Sizes of underground fuel storage tanks ranged from 350-gallons to 10,000-gallons. EIS has successfully managed over 100 UST system removals/closures and has achieved "No Further Action, Closed Status,' for many sites in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara and Alameda Counties.