Subsurface Investigation (Phase II, III) PSAs



Preliminary Site Assesment investigations may range from soil only to soil and groundwater investigations. All soil and groundwater investigations are performed under the guidance of a professional geologist or engineer.


Sampling methods range from hand augering to truck mounted geoprobes and hollow stem auger drill rigs. All soil and water samples are collected in accordance with Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) standards and are submitted to state certified laboratories.


EIS also oversees the installation of groundwater monitoring wells and conducts periodic (quarterly, semi-annual or annual) sampling and monitoring of the wells according to RWQCB requirements. Presently, EIS is performing periodic monitoring of 25 groundwater monitoring wells at four different sites with a dedicated sampling truck outfitted with all tools and equipment necessary for groundwater monitoring. EIS’ experienced field technicians keep monitoring costs down while providing excellent quality services.