Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I)

Phase 1 Map


The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) reports performed by EIS comply with ASTM E-1527-2013, the All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI), and provide the user with CERCLA protection or Innocent Purchaser or Land Owner Defense. Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are performed following the scope and limitations of ASTM Practice E-1527-2013. The purpose of the Phase I ESA is to determine if a site has recognized environmental conditions. The term 'recognized environmental conditions' means that there is a documented presence or likely presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products on a property under conditions that indicate an existing release, a past release, or a material threat of release of these hazardous substances or petroleum products into structures on the property, or into the ground, groundwater, or surface water of the property.


The Phase I ESA investigation addresses the historical use of hazardous or toxic materials that may have been manufactured, stored, released or disposed of at the site. A review is conducted of local, regional, state, and federal regulatory documentation concerning air, hazardous waste, soil, groundwater, solid waste and medical or infectious waste contamination affecting not only the subject site, but neighboring properties, and properties within a one mile radius of the subject property.


A thorough inspection of the subject site and adjacent properties is performed to document current chemical usage, storage, treatment, and disposal practices on the property. After finishing the investigation, a Phase I ESA ASTM 2005 compliant report describing the research procedures, findings, conclusions, and recommendations is prepared.


EIS has a strict quality control program that ensures that ASTM standards are met for every project, and every report is prepared and reviewed by an experienced former CAL EPA Registered Environmental Assessor and environmental professional prior to submittal to the client.


Transaction Screen Assessment (Phase I TSA)


This assessment serves as a screening document for those interested in identifying environmental issues but not desiring to comply with All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI). The Transaction Screen does not provide the user with CERCLA protection or Innocent Purchaser Defense or Innocent Land Owner Defense.


The Transaction Screen is often used as a preliminary information gathering tool about properties. Typically, it is used on less expensive residential properties during real estate transactions. This report is more affordable than the Phase I because it includes only a brief historical review of the subject property and a less extensive offsite database search.