Remedial Action



EIS has over 8 years experience designing and managing remedial action clean-up. When soil or groundwater remediation is required, EIS’ professional engineer designs the best system for the particular contaminant and site and then uses experienced, qualified drillers, licensed hazardous material removal contractors, and other environmental professionals as needed. Our excellent relationships with contractors help to keep projects on time, within tight time schedules, and under budget.


EIS has assessed and designed site characterization and remediation of soil and groundwater at former gasoline stations, trucking facilities, manufacturing facilities, auto repair garages, rental yards, farm fueling depots, quarries, illegal landfills, radiator shops, electrical transformer manufacturing plants, former cattle dipping areas, pesticide spills, and illegal methamphetamine drug labs. EIS has designed and installed a variety of remedial systems including: Soil Vapor and Air Sparging Extraction Systems, and Groundwater Pump and Treat Systems. EIS has designed and managed numerous soil excavations for contaminants including: petroleum hydrocarbons, chemical solvents, heavy metals (lead, arsenic, chromium, zinc), pesticides, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).