Asbestos / Lead Inspections

An EPA & DHS certified asbestos / lead consultant with 18 years experience performs air quality district compliant asbestos / lead based paint inspections for commercial buildings, demolition projects, and in conjunction with environmental site assessments. Prior to remodeling and/or demolition, inspections are conducted to identify potential asbestos or lead containing materials. Surveys include: visual inspection, collection of suspect asbestos containing materials (ACMs) or lead based paint samples, laboratory analysis, and technical reporting of methods, results, conclusion and recommendations.


EIS’ asbestos consultant has worked on a wide range of projects including: large military housing projects, public housing projects, and commercial properties and demolitions. Our asbestos consultant has provided asbestos inspections for demolition training seminars for the Monterey Bay Area Air Quality Management District inspectors, and also training for asbestos awareness for cities and private organizations.