Project Highlights

Client Negotiated a Reduced Purchase Price Based on EIS Phase I Discovery

Phase 1


EIS performed a Phase I for the purchaser of the former Smuckers Food Manufacturing Plant, Falcon Trading Company, and discovered recognized environmental conditions on this property including one former gasoline station that required remediation and a former AST bulk fueling facility. After performing a Phase 2 site characterization in the area of former AST's, EIS prepared a budget for characterization and remediation for the client who was able to negotiate a reduced purchase price for the property.


EIS then proceeded with characterizing soil and groundwater in the area of former AST's with three monitoring wells and sixteen temporary borings. EIS negotiated reduced monitoring to annual from quarterly after the first year. A Corrective Action Plan and Risk Assessment was prepared to show site was ready for closure as a low risk site. EIS has conducted the expected final annual groundwater monitoring while awaiting request for closure from the State Regional Water Quality Control Board. This project was completed under the estimated budget prepared at time of transaction and required no inconvenience to new property owner.