Project Highlights

PCE Plume Cleanup – Santa Clara County, California

PCE Plume

EIS completed complex site characterization of a tetrachloroethene (PCE) soil vapor and groundwater plume in Santa Clara County that extends more than a quarter mile from the presumed source, a historical dry-cleaning facility. Site characterization consisted of several rounds of soil, groundwater, and soil vapor sampling both on- and off-site. Once the extent of contamination was adequately characterized, EIS oversaw the planning and implementation of a multi-phase remedial action plan (RAP). The RAP included the injection of remedial compounds into the groundwater in the vicinity of the plume to facilitate reductive dehalogenation of halogenated organic compounds, and the installation and operation of a soil vapor extraction (SVE) system to remove contaminants from soil vapor at the site.


Subsequent groundwater and soil vapor monitoring have shown a substantial decrease of PCE and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in groundwater and soil vapor following the remedial injections and operation of the SVE system.”