Project Highlights

PCE Groundwater Plume Cleaned Up in One Year

PCE Plume

EIS has completed a cost effective one year project of characterization and clean up of large trucking facility that handled petroleum hydrocarbons and solvents in Livermore, CA.


The site had numerous USTs, ASTs and drum storage areas. EIS worked with an experienced hazardous waste contractor to have all surface cleared of ASTs, drums and any stained soil. Then, with oversight from Alameda County Environmental Health Department, EIS professionals characterized petroleum hydrocarbon and PCE soil and groundwater plumes. EIS installed 30 temporary borings, six monitoring wells and performed a soil gas survey to fully characterize the site. In order to address soil vapor intrusion potential EIS coordinated a risk assessment with a professional toxicologist.


The petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated area was remediated by excavation of soil and offsite disposal. The PCE plume was remediated by excavating contaminated soil and using a groundwater pump and treat trenching system designed by EIS Professional Staff. Approximately one million-gallons of PCE contaminated water was pumped, treated and discharged to the sanitary sewer.


Alameda County Environmental Health Services local oversight agency recommended closing this site based on successful remedial action and full characterization. The California Regional Water Quality Control Board concurred with the case closure request. The site is planned for commercial redevelopment with commercial condominiums.