Mr. Tyler Sproule

Staff Geologist

Mr. Tyler Sproule, Staff Geologist / Field Technician, performs soil, soil vapor, and groundwater sampling including well monitoring, GeoProbe investigations, soil gas surveys, soil confirmation sampling for remedial excavations and tank removals, as well as routine operation maintenance of soil vapor extraction systems and groundwater pump and treatment systems. Mr. Sproule also provides excellent CAD drafting and assists with soil and groundwater remedial action report preparation.


Mr. Sproule has performed numerous groundwater remediation projects and Phase II soil and groundwater investigations for a variety of properties including: agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial sites. He has installed, developed and sampled many wells at a variety of commercial and industrial sites. He has experience providing operation and maintenance of groundwater pump and treatment systems and soil vapor extraction systems. He has collected samples at many remedial soil excavations and UST removal projects.



  • B.S. - Earth Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • 40 hour Federal OSHA HAZWOPER certification