Mr. Alfred L. Jin

Industrial Hygienist

Mr. Alfred L. Jin is an associate Industrial Hygienist at EIS. Mr. Jin designs and performs Indoor Air Quality surveys for commercial and industrial workspaces. He also designs wastewater and drinking water quality monitoring projects.


Mr. Jin has 20 years experience as an industrial hygienist with areas of expertise including indoor air quality, sanitation and water quality. He has been an industrial hygienist at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and U.C. Berkeley.


  • American Society of Clinical Pathologists, License No. 1350
  • American Water Works Association (Backflow Prevention), License No. 1378
  • California Clinical Laboratory Technologist, License No. 0363
  • Certified Microbiologist – American College of Microbiology, License No. 14411453
  • Certified Biological Safety Professional – American Biological Safety Association, License No. 98-57
  • Certified Specialist Microbiologist in Biosafety – National Registry of Microbiology, License No. 4564
  • B.A. Degree in Bacteriology, University of California, Berkeley (1974)
  • Masters in Microbial Physiology, California State University, Hayward (1976)
  • Certification in Clinical Microbiology, University of California, San Francisco (1978)
  • Certification in Occupational Safety & Health, University of Southern California, Los Angeles (1982)